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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i'll see you for a news update in the middle of huckabee. and sitting down with rick santorum. and the fun begins now. pop some corn, settle in. i'll see you tomorrow. >> . >> mike: tonight, on huckabee, how will rick santorum build from iowa and keep the moment number going on new hampshire and beyond. >> i plan on winning here and south carolina. >> and the governor joins him from the gran fit state. where is the president? >> hello new hampshire, it's great to be in the philly area. the commander-in-chief is out campaigning, so who is running the country? they were wounded in battle and now struggling to make ends meet. >> it almost seems like you're always one car payment from losing your car. >> that should never happen to someone who has served this
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country. >> they're getting a reward. >> our goal is for the next one thousand homes. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> welcome everybody, what a great crowd. enthusiastic and welcome to huckabee for the fox news studios in new york city. well, earlier this week, on a radio interview with my friend geraldo and his brand new radio show, i had this to say about mitt romney. >> i told people that i i think that mitt romney is the denny's of the republican field, and here is what i mean by that. denny's is know the restaurant you jump in the car, honey, it's our anniversary, let's go to denny's. denny's, everything is closed or go someplace you know what you're going to get and going to be priced in a way that you can afford it, okay, we'll go to denny's. well, you know what? it was a compliment to denny's and to mitt romney and explaining the fact that you
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know, sometimes you look at all the options and say, okay, we'll go back to what we know. guess what the people at denny's had a great sense of humor and thought it was funny and wanted to say thanks, and here is what they did. gave us a gift card for every member of our audience today and they'll be getting a gift card and going to denny's. [applause] >> and by the way, i will, he'll probably be taking my wife there for our anniversary later this year, i think it's a great idea myself. thank you very much denny's for having such a great sense of humor and making our audience happy and hungry. very good. well, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most conservative of them all? it seems as if candidates on the republican side spent a whole lot of time attempting to prove their' conservative bona fide and disparaging and questioning authenticitauthenti. >> i personally know, and
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compared to president obama, they are all true blue conservatives. oh, sure, each of them have some strengths and weaknesses, and the voters can and should sort all of that stuff out. but pay a little attention to the notion that any of these guys are liberals. look, that's nonsense. some are going to have to answer for statements made, relationships forged. personal gains or losses, but none of them are close to being liberals. four years ago, rush limbaugh loved mitt romney and he supported him as the true conservative. four years later, he's criticizing the same mitt romney for not being conservative enough. and now, mitt romney really hasn't changed in four years, but maybe rush limbaugh is the one doing the flip-flopping. newt gingrich has been relentlessly ripped for not be conservative because he worked with democrats in congress. one thing he worked to have a balanced budget and get people off welfare roles and on
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payrolls. >> rick santorum is being called an extremist, because ebl that marriage is what it's always meant, one man, one woman, and relationship. and in the past would that be considered out of the mainstream? that position was espoused just four years ago by inn had, joe biden and, yes, then candidate barack obama. so, what does matter? well, here is what i'm looking for in a candidate. my candidate has to believe that we are a nation of law, know the of personality. being present isn't being tame and presidents should accept the power, but also the limitations of being one of three equal branches of government. my candidate needs to honor all human life and not because he's against the surgical procedure of abortion, but because he believes that every human being has value and worth. my candidate ought to believe that lower taxes are better than higher taxes, but you know what? keeping taxes low while you're running up debts on future
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generations, that's not conservative and it's not responsible, it's selfish. my candidate needs to believe that the best government is the most local government because it's the closest to people being governed and that one of the few purposes of government is to secure and protect our borders and have a military strong enough that we don't have to use it. because potential enemies are afraid that we might. and my candidate ought to believe that mothers and fathers raise better kids than governments do. now, could i support any of the candidates on the g.o.p. said? of course. because my mirror on the wall says that compared to obama, they are conservatives each and all. i also want to say a salute to michele bachmann, who exited the race after iowa. but not without exhibiting extraordinary class and dignity in the way that she did it. throughout her campaign, she was a tough and smashing competitor, but showed one of her finest moments in the gracious and graceful way that she handled a tough loss and i
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congratulate her for that. i'd love to get your thoughts. you want to argue with me or agree with me, you can do that at mike and go to mike and click on feedback section and send me a message and a copy of the gift of life, a dvd that i've hosted and i think it's powerful, a wonderful affirmation of human life. click on the link and you'll find out more about "the gift of life." . he missed winning the iowa caucuses by just eight votes and he's surging in new hampshire. the latest real clear politics poll shows that rick santorum is in third place right now with 11% in the granite state. last week he was in single digits. joining us now from amhurst, new hampshire, former senator rick santorum. congratulations on a great showing in iowa. [applause] >> i didn't pull a huckabee, but came within eight votes of
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doing so. >> mike: it was a long night, senator and you were on egg shells the whole time. but you have to be pleased that the expectations were greetly exceeded because people had essentially written you off weeks before. what was the turning point that you saw, that you began to say, we have a real shot to change the game here? >> well, you know, i have to say that it was just a continuation of the hard work, and going out there and believing in iowans, that's why i'm here in new hampshire, believing in the people here that they're-- that the message of lower taxes and pro growth and manufacturing jobs, and the family as the basic foundation of our society, the dignity of every human life and strong national security and this is important, mike, a track record to back it up. that you have an authentic candidate who is not going to have to apologize for positions or dodge and bob and weave in positions when we're up against barack obama. but we create a clear contrast, where obama is the
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issue in this campaign, and he is the one that is driven this economy into the dump. he's the one that's given us problems overseas. and that clear contrast is exactly what i think the people of iowa and i hope new hampshire are going to vote for. now, four years ago, you supported mitt romney and endorsed him and now running against him. so i'm going to ask you, kind of what i asked rush limbaugh, mitt romney hasn't changed in four years, what's different. it'd be easy for me to ask you, how come you're not supporting him now, you did four years ago. >> number one, the biggest issue in in campaign, i believe, is that the relationship of the people and the government. and the big issue, sub issue is obama care. we have health care in this country with obama care that's a top down, government controlled health care system that will rob people of their freedom and make them dependent on the federal
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government and i think foundationally reform this country. and one question on health care on the debates, it's a huge and central issue in this campaign and governor romney is dead wrong, what he did in massachusetts was the basis for obama care, we need a candidate that's starkly contrasts were obama on this issue and he isn't that candidate. >> mike: but, senator that had been passed when he ran the last time. we knew what was in romney care. my question, since that was already in place i'm still going to the point, what's different. i hear you say obama care, but romney care was there already. >> it wasn't -- as i said, there was one question, health care was not a particularly important issue and what's happened since obama's election, with the explosion of the federal government. with dodd frank and obama care and the stimulus package and a host of her things, the issue in this campaign is whether we're going to lose the essential character of america, of limited government, of free people, of
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a society that believes in bottom up. and as you know, mike, i endorse mitt romney five days before super tuesday and i did so, it was really one of the toughest decisions i've had to make in politics, i was watching campaign and looking at a guy named huckabee and yet, he had fallen short in two critical prim ris and people were saying, well, he doesn't have the resources. i was looking for someone, candidly, to stop john mccain. i've served 12 years with john mccain and knew not would be our best candidate going up against barack obama and knew even if the president, he would not be frankly the candidate we needed to change the problems that we had in this country so i was looking for someone at the last minute to stop the mccain train and ultimately that's why i stepped on with mitt romney. >> mike: so if you don't win new hampshire, should we endorse mitt romney? >> i would hope not. [laughter] >> but, i i plan, i would plan on, i really do plan on
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doing well, and planning on winning in south carolina so we won't have to worry about that problem. [laughter] >> you know one of the things you've discovered and it's not pleasant because of' been there and done that, it's painful. as soon as you become a front runner, the daggers and everybody comes after you and you've experienced that this week, a lot of questions about your role in washington, lobbying. how do you respond to the people now who are just coming after you? and i'm sure you're going to see it in the debate the next few days and the press certainly sharpened their knives and certainly your position for marriage. how are you going to respond to that? it's certainly coming after you? >> well, truthfully. i'm going to respond to everything and look at my records, both in the congress and i'm happy to go out and to talk about the things that i did right. and just like you, mike, when you ran, there's things you look back, wow, i wish i would have done a little differently and honest with the american public, why you did what you do and why you would do it
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differently. with respect to my professional career, i left the united states senate and i needed to provide for my family. i had several different jobs and worked as the president of a technology company for three years and i worked with, as a, on the board of directors of a private health care company and tried to learn more, and govern a very complex, you know, both acute care as well as a behavior health care system and worked with a coal company and excited about. my grandfather was a coal miner and the whole way, the whole way of life in the area of the country that i grew up in, was at stake, in my opinion with cap and trade on the precipice of being passed and i wanted to be in the game helping those who reflected the values of the people that worked hard and built this country in the coal fields of appalachia. >> mike: one they think i wanted to tell you, a few weeks ago i kind of caused some stir in media circles
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because i said the person to watch in iowa and person who will surprise people was rick santorum and people looked at me like they say a calf in a new gate. and one of the things, let me close, a couple of days ago, students booed you for a position you took on traditional marriage and many people appreciate you've not wavered. they weren't going to vote for you anyway so don't worry about them booing. thank you for being here, a pleasure to have you. [applause] >> thank you very much, mike. >> mike: good luck out on the trail. well, south carolina is up after new hampshire on the primary calendar and congressman tim scott from the palmetto state is going to join me for a special and pretty big announcement. [applause]. [ female announcer ] we are taking ultra downy with silktouch to the streets.
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(applause) >> now, the republicans are in new hampshire this week and in a few days the focus will switch to south carolina. how important is south carolina? let's put it this way, since 1980 no republican has won the nomination without winning the south carolina primary first. and this year, 48% of the registered voters are still undecided. that's why next week, we're going to head to the palmetto state for a special huckabee presidential forum two. now, joining us from south carolina congressman tim scott, who is going to be our host when we're in south carolina next week. [applause] >> and he'll have the town hall meetings with individual candidates and next week we'll bring the candidates on the stage in a similar format to the first forum last month and equal time to answer questions, but the questions will come from undecided south carolina voters in the audience. congressman scott, welcome, it's great having you here and we're looking forward to being with you next week.
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>> thank you, governor, always good to be back with you. we will have an exciting time next week and looking forward to the showdown of our primary process and season on the 21st. >> mike: when i hear that 48% of the south carolina voters are undecided that's staggering. why are people in south carolina waiting so late and what is it that they are looking for in a candidate? >> governor, huckabee, i endorsed you last time. thank you for reminding me of that. >> and (laughter) >> we wouldn't have as many up decided voters, but we had very good candidates this time around and makes it more difficult. we're making sure we pick a good conservative and a conservative that beats president obama. and that combination gives us a lot to think about and almost half of our voters are still going through that process. >> yeah, that's an interesting fact when half the people have not made up their mind and barely a couple of weeks away. you said they're looking for a
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conservative and somebody that beats obama. are there any issues that are going to drive the voters of south carolina? is it the economy? is it the value issues? what kind of issues resonate with south carolinaions? >> our state has unemployment higher than 10%. much more than the nation. so jobs, jobs, jobs, will drive the conversation and i think a key issue who the voters choose to be our nominee from south carolina. >> mike: you've been holding the town halls now ever since you were elected to congress and i'm sure you've had an earful of a lot of things. if there's one question that you get more than any other in a town hall. what is that question that the constituents that you have in your district ask you? >> governor, it's without any question, it's how in the world does the federal government continue to spend money, have a 10 plus percent unemployment in our state and fight companies like the boeing corporation in our state, from producing more jobs in this nation?
5:19 pm
>> well, in fact, i think the boeing issue was one that has brought national attention to south carolina. it seems outrageous to most of us, that here are jobs ready to go in a state that desperately needs them and a president who says many' working for the middle class and yet, he's keeping a lot of people from the middle class from having a manufacturing job in a state that could desperately use them. so, i'm sure that could be a part of it. congressman, we're looking forward to being with us this week and a great host, charleston is a marvellous city and we'll see you next saturday when we have the huckabee forum two. [applause] >> thank you very much. now, i want to tell you how you can be a part of our audience at the college of charleston next week. if you are an undecided voter and registered in south carolina, go to and that's how you can get information on how to attend the forum. limited seats, but if you're attending the forum and you've got a question for the
5:20 pm
candidates, then e-mail your questions to huckforum make sure to send one question for a specific candidate and then, send another one that could be asked to any of the candidates and by the way, include your name and phone number because we want to make sure we get some good questions for the candidates and they'll be there and we know you'll be watching because it's going to be an extraordinary evening and not candidates picking at each other, but answering tough questions from undecided voters. is president obama making his own rules? how else can you explain some of his recess appointments? we're going to grade his power grab when we have our little report card. that is next. [applause]. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan
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(applause) >> all right, it's time for the report card. here are our marks today, and the columnist and fox news contributor is back with us, elliss henican and the afternoon show "the five", andrea tantaros. let's take a look at some things that the president has had to say and we'll give you a chance to grade him.
5:24 pm
here we go. >> when congress refuses to act, and as a result, hurts our economy and puts our people at risk, then i have an obligation as president to do what i can without them. >> mike: well, that's one way to govern, to heck with congress and that's an equal branch of government i don't have to put up with. is that a power grab? come on, that seems a little bold. let's go with you, and see if you agree or disagree with the president. >> i think this is one of the president's best moments of his entire administration. >> mike: i knew you would. >> the president isn't going through the back door. he's kicking down the front door that's been unfairly barred by the congress. >> mike: break a few windows along the way. you give him what grade? >> i would give an absolute a plus. >> mike: a plus plus? . it's a popular grade in our audience here. no denny's coupon for you.
5:25 pm
[laughter] >> we need to stop acting lying republicans in congress are tim tebow. right? they're not the final arbiter what can and can't happen in america. let's go to the court. there are other branches of government that get to have a say what happens in the country. elliss, i would ask you a grade, but if you think the republicans want a normal part of the constitution, they've got to sue to get it. >> that's why they have courts, i'm going with the a's and none of the pluses on mine. listen, here, elliott is right and let me take it one step further. >> mike: i knew you would. >> i remember you guys objecting so much when ronald reagan was doing this and george w. bush was doing this. it's most likely legal, but even if it's not it's a political advantage to the president, and-- >> even if it's not legal, it's okay if this president does it? wow.
5:26 pm
>> we have a system for deciding that, governor. >> mike: all right, andrea. >> first of all, i want to say when i was in algebra and not doing well, i wish you guys were my teachers and i wish when i was breaking -- [applause] >> you've got it. straight a's. >> and i wish when i was breaking the rules like the president is doing, i could get a's too. unfortunately. >> mike: yeah. >> i think that scircumventing congress and not acting the way our founding fathers intended is a big fat-- >> you know where i went it schoolway called it a one legged a, a one legged a, and a flag. >> and no president has done what he did and if it would be done before it would have made headlines. it wouldn't have made so many headlines this week. i think that people are really, are disgusted. and you said elie, you said
5:27 pm
that other branches should have a say, and congress should have a say. >> congress had two years to have a say on this. >> and he had a democratic congress. >> over two years ago. >> before we go to a different topic, i want to remind you that recess appointments are not without precedent. presidents have done them. >> thank you. >> the difference the senate is not in recess, they are meeting regularly. >> that's a legalistic little fraud. >> legalistic fraud. they're session-- >> they're actually having session. the fact congress isn't doing anything, they are convening than's a session and they're in the in recess, and it's know the that obama made the recess appointments, that's bad enough, but he did them when the senate was not in recess, that's where i think he's in trouble. >> governor, quickly. >> and the reason, for politics. >> mike: let's go to another one, the unemployment rate falls to 8 1/2%, has obama triggered the start of an economic recovery? let's grade the president, this time start on this end of
5:28 pm
the table with the more county and right-leaning voice, andrea tantaros. >> could you tell, was it that noticeable? this i've got to give him a b. a b because 200,000 jobs is a pretty good number, but not an a for a couple of reasons, one, i don't think that the payroll tax cut extension for two months i don't think that's a long-term plan for growth for the country and i don't think he's leading in the economy and we've got to get these numbers every single month to get our economy back on track and the jobs just, they're not the jobs that we want people to get. i mean, a lot of people left the work force, that's why the number was going down, but governor, a lot of people had good paying jobs and now taking low paying jobs, underemployment is a huge issue, it's not fixed yet and the president doesn't have a plan to do it. i've got to give you credit, a. about. that's the best grade. and elliss, how would you grade the president. >> governor, it pains me to agree. >> you've learned. >> you're getting smarter, by
5:29 pm
the way. >> gee, thanks, elliss, i was always smart. >> my reasons might be different. >> mike: what are your reasons? quickly because i've got to get to elliott. >> and we still need to help those people with unemployment insurance and job training and all of that stuff. >> what about a government that backs off the employers so people could get a job rather than government assistance for not having a job, wouldn't that be the thing. >> we all want more jobs, when we get them, it's working and let's congratulate ourselves here. >> you guys are easy graders, i'm giving the president a d. >> wow? >> look, i'm going to dry this argument with my wife and come home at two o'clock in the morning, hey, i could have come home at four o'clock in the morning. yea, the economy is sleetly less terrible than it could have been. bottom line. d, it's not failing, the economy is not failing, but you call it passable? you call this good? no, no, i'm going to give the president a d, and he's going to like it because my grade could have been so much worse. >> mike: you know what?
5:30 pm
i've got to tell you, that's a wonderful sort of truth telling on your part. i'll be fair to the president and give him credit. we gave him blame every time something goes wrong and a little credit if something goes right. in the long-term, we were promised if it wouldn't go under 8% if we passed the stimulus and we're celebrating 8 1/2 when we ought to be hoping for a 6 or 5 1/2. anyway, thank you all for being here. great job today, and surprised today, who knew that we could be surprised by elliott mitchell and elliss henican. well, our war heroes sometimes are not shown the appreciation that we deserve. coming up, we're going to be joined by disabled veterans and the leader of an organization that knows how to say thanks. wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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>> live from america's news
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headquarters, i'm harris falkner. a developing story in lafayette, authorities investigating an explosion outside a home that injured two people. a woman picked up two packages at her doorstep and carried them to her car. one of them exploded. homes in the immediate area evacuated and now, a bomb squad checking out the scene. no word yet on the victim's conditions. this exclusive video shot by our fox news team in tucson, a short time ago. congresswoman gabby giffords and mark kelly visiting the safeway supermarket where she was shot. many tomorrow marking one word since the massacre that killed six and wounded 13. and she participated in a ceremony honoring one of her staff members who was killed. now, back to huckabee. [applause] >> and the foundation awards mortgage-free homes to wounded
5:34 pm
heroes who have severe or unique circumstances due to their injuries received while serving our country. soldiers like retired sergeant nate and his wife crystal who moved into a home they were given, given to them in middle berg, florida after nate's hunks were chemically burned following an ied attack in iraq. and a sergeant suffered permanent disabilities in iraq and his son austin and their family awarded a home in jacksonville, florida in the process of moving into that home. and then retired sergeant thomas toomey served in the marines and later in the army before having his shoulder crushed in iraq and thomas and his wife and their children are living with her mother and they've applied, depending on the outcome of the application. i want to meet first of all, the man who made all of this possible. he's ceo of the military warriors support foundation and three star general, general leroy sisco, general,
5:35 pm
what an honor to have you here. [applause] >> how did it come about to create a foundation to give homes to these heroes? >> our first attempt was to give away one home and thanks to chase wells, and chase has given almost 80 or 90 homes and bank of america and wells are coming on strong doing the same thing. you know what is so unique about it in our world. here's two big competitors, three big competitors and when it comes to the heroes, there is no competition. they put their arms around each other and the homes from the financial institutions and i raised for every mortgage-free and gift tax home that we give away and they provide the homes and it's a great marriage with us and them and it's going from what we thought was one home and we've given a hundred away in 2011. and starting in january, we're going to give 250 homes a year away, our goal is for the next four years, 1,000 homes. [applause] >> how down who to select?
5:36 pm
i mean, obviously, you've got thousands of applications, so, what is the process by which-- i know we've got a couple here today who have gotten a home and one was told, and one who started the application process and we don't know where that one will go. and what is the process? >> well, and i'm glad you brought that up. unwith of the things we have a problem with no one believes they can get to mortgage-free home. they're not applying. everybody out there, go to our web page and apply for a home and once they apply we narrow tn we like them to be to from the general area and they have a support team there and a lot of other conditions, but once it's narrowed to ten. we have a committee of 12 that makes the final selection and doesn't mean the ten narrowed down to, can't reapply. some applied more than once and some-- we worked on getting the home. >> let's meet the folks in
5:37 pm
various stages of the process. nate and his wife crystal. you guys were, you're living in a home, right? from middleberg, florida, and made available through the special foundation. when you found out. what did you think and did you believe it? >> oh, gosh. it was almost hard to believe, yeah. 'cause we hadn't been-- we had been working with them for quite some time to make sure we qualified and we're going to be put into the right home and when we actually found out we were going to receive a home and where the home was and there's a tangible home we were going to move into, kind of like a dream, we've been in the home three months and kind of pin of ourselves, are we really in the home and mortgage-free, are we able to, you know, have this great platform to continue building our life on, you know, and it's--
5:38 pm
>> nate and crystal, that's fantastic. and i want to ask you, when you came back from iraq, severely disabled from the experience, you apply-- you know you're going to get one. when do you expect you'll be able to move into your home. >> we're waiting on the specific details, we've been able to go out and see the home and it's unbelievable, it's more than i could have ever have asked for in my life. >> so, it's a nice home. >> it's gorgeous. and it's absolutely amazing home and you know, recently i've been worrying about whether or not i'd be able to finish my agree and plan to go on and do my masters and it looked like i wasn't going to be able to do that. i should be able to stay and it could be my masters degree. >> your son austin is with us, are you pretty excited about the new house you're going to be able to move in soon? >> i'm excited. you should be. and we have one couple that's made an application, and it's got to make you think, oh,
5:39 pm
boy, that's a-- how long does it take, did they tell you from the time that you applied, that you might hear back? >> nate encouraged us it apply. and they told us, they can take a while and they're very hops honest with us and keep in touch with you and when we got an e-mail and said we've been accepted and move on to the next phase, you know, it just, having four kids and living in your mother-in-law's home it's hard, but when you get that e-mail it's like just a weight being lifted off your shoulders. and you know, anything good is worth waiting for and you know, it's amazing, it's just, it's just incredible. >> mike: tommy you and your wife rebecca hoping something would happen. rebecca, did you hear about the program because of nate and his wife? >> yeah, tommy came home from pt t.p.c. when they got it and told me about it and i was
5:40 pm
like, whatever, they're not getting a free house. like, sure, there's some, there's some thing going to happen and mortgage-free, that's not going to happen. i'm like-- i was skeptical. i would be, too, if somebody talked about that. genesisco, you are, i understand giving away another house this weekend and your executive director at met life stadium because you usually do these at a stadium, at a football game or something like that. let's go to ken at met life stadium and see what he's got an announcement for us. ken? >> thanks, governor. as you know, we've been awarding many wounded heroes and families homes at national football league games. but this weekend we won't be able to do that. because today, we're awarding the home on your show, to sergeant toomey and his family. [applaus [applause]
5:41 pm
>> rebecca, rebecca-- >> how are you doing? [applause] >> is that pretty good news? >> i'm going to cry. >> i'm going to cry it's remarkable. it's magnificent and a fantastic opportunity to see this couple get their home and when we come back, we'll talk with them more and explain the incredible program that general sisco made possible for our wounded heroes. stay with us. congratulations. [applause]. ♪ [ male announcer ] you never know when a moment might turn into something more. and when it does men with erectile dysfunction
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(applause) >> i tell you, we've had a lot of wonderful moments on this show, but i don't know how we'll ever have one that tops what we just experienced when one of our wounded heroes who comes back from serving his country on the show has been presented a brand new home, tommy and rebecca toomey holding a key to the home. rebecca, what is the greatest thing you think of when you move your family into the home. >> being stable. we're not moving tomorrow, we
5:45 pm
doesn't have to go anywhere, this is where we're going to be and just being safe, like just-- >> you guys sent an e-mail that we got a copy of and it's interesting because you went to the foundation that the general runs and when you found out you were coming to know, you thought just to be with your friends and talk about the application process and said this, ken, this is awesome, my family has never had a vacation about of. my wife needs it. today is her birthday and she's worn out from being to the laundromat and our washer broke so she's stressing. a family of six, a lot of laundry and we're excited. i cannot wait for you to meet my beautiful wife and daughters. so tommy, that's what you said. do you think when you were coming it would be more than vacation? >> no, i-- no originally thought we were coming to talk about the great foundation and i had no clue nate was coming and him and his wife until we got on the
5:46 pm
plane and knowing what they've done, seeing people that have been awarded homes and luckily that day i saw two people be awarded a home and nate was there for his buddy they thought was getting a home and i thought, wow, what, what an opportunity just to go to new york and just to, you know, talk about a great foundation. i never thought that my buddy could keep a secret like that. [laughter] >> i can't. >> well, it's a good thing he could. nate. to you, you've seen the joy in their faces and i'm sure bringing back special moments for you, but i want to talk about how the home you've been awarded helped you adjust back to civilian life and what it's meant to you integrating back into the community and back into as normal a world as you can. and pete, start with you. >> when i returned home from combat, you know, a lot of times you come home, but the scars come with you and it's been a long road it recovery,
5:47 pm
lots of medical appointments and surgeries and you get home and try to move to the next phase of your life and for me, the biggest phrase of my life is to be a good father and to continue to serve my country, by serving my community. and a lot, a lot of the times along the way, you hit a stumbling block and our retirement checks are great and they help, but it always seems like you're almost one car payment away from losing your car at all times. and-- >> that should never happen. >> yeah, to someone who has served this country. >> yeah. >> there should never ever be a moment someone who has been -- [applause] >> and that's why, general, i love what you guys are doing. and it just, it hurts to think that that's going on in a lot of military homes. nate, what's been the hardest part of adjustment as you come back from war? >> just relating, being able to relate with my family and
5:48 pm
being able to have the self-esteem to be able to get out and accomplish things, the goals that i can accomplish. so i've struggled and have had to learn and i guess be rehabilitated, when it comes to that. so-- >> well, nate, thank you. i want to ask you, general, in addition to the homes, process of three years of help, financial counseling. >> one of my biggest concerns was, if they got a home and mortgage and sold the home, lot the money. i want them to understand the value of having a mortgage-free home. so, we put them through a three-year mentoring program and we teach them how to own a house, how to spend their money. they have to get permission if they write a check over a certain amount and look at credit cards and they have to agree to do this, which they all do. in three years we teach them the value of a what they have. >> mike: that's a valuable part of the process, not just
5:49 pm
here is a home. you may have done them a disservice if there's not a sense of financial stewardship and better managing all of the resources. >> that's what i feel is the strongest part of the program. in three years, probably 98% of the people will still have the homes ap take care of them properly. and i think if we're getting 70% right, we're doing a great job, but we'll do better than that. >> tommy and rebecca, would you like to see a picture of your new home, what it looks like? >> sure. >> mike: well, we don't have one-- no, here it is right here. what do you think? [applause]. >> oh. that's a pretty nice looking place. >> that's beautiful. >> mike: do you think you'll be happy in that, rebecca. >> i'll be happy in a shack. >> mike: well, that's not. >> no, it's not, but i-- >> and it's a beautiful home and you're a beautiful family and you've done a great sacrifice for your service in this country and what the general and people who help him do, it's a wonderful
5:50 pm
expression of i think so many people in america to say, thank you, god bless you for giving us our freedom and you paying a price most of us will never ever understand. thank you for being here. [applause] e. >> mike: god bless you. oh, what a wonderful, wonderf wonderful-- >> got to make you feel good: you feel so good, you'll stay with us and we'll be back in just a moment. . ♪
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
>> well, let your love flow. i know you remember that one. it was a great hit. number one on the billboard charts for the bellamy brothers. the duo is back with a greatest hits collection, includes that song and a whole lot more of their classics. please welcome back to the show, howard and david, the bellamy brothers. [applause] >> you've done a lot of music over the years and the new collection is out. do you ever get on your nerves, on your brother's. >> he's always done what i've told him. >> mike: david; is that true >> yeah, right. >> mike: no, seriously, have you fallen out and gone weeks or days without speaking to each other. >> maybe a half day. >> we can't afford not to get along. >> yeah, we have to get along.
5:54 pm
and our parents, we grew up on a ranch in florida and taught us to work together. if we didn't work together. >> they had switches in those days. >> mike: what do you mean those days? i remember them very well. >> we knew how to work together very well. >> well, this collection is fantastic and this what we're going to do one of my favorite, red neck girl. i've known a few of those in my life. let's do "redneck girl". ♪ ♪ ♪ living for friday afternoon ♪ ♪ gonna show that we can move
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ i pray that some day i'll find me a rhetted redneck girl ♪ ♪ a redneck girl likes to stay out all night long ♪ ♪ she wants rock and roll, and listen to the country songs ♪ ♪ she's waiting on that moment of surrender ♪ ♪ her hands are callused, but her heart is tender ♪ ♪ i pray some day i'll find me a redneck girl ♪ ♪ gimme, gimme, gimme a redneck girl ♪
5:56 pm
♪ a red neck girl got her name on the back ♪ ♪ she's got a kiss on her lips for a man and no one else ♪ ♪ ♪ out on the prairie ♪ ♪ and i pray some day i will find me a red neck girl ♪ ♪ and gimme, gimme, gimme a red neck girl ♪ ♪ yeah, gimme, gimme, gimme a redneck girl ♪
5:57 pm
(applaus (applause) >> thank you to the bellamy brothers, be sure to tune in sunday night, we've got our regular time slot of 8 p.m. going to be fox news american election headquarters with bret baier and megyn kelly. live from new hampshire. as we close tonight happy birthday to elvis who would have been 77 on sunday. until next time from new york, this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. [applause]. ♪ ♪ gimme a redneck girl ♪ yeah, gimme, gimme, gimme a redneck girl ♪
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